Teacher Mini-Grant Program Recipients 2014

Sat Nov 8th

Fairport, N . Y . – The Fairport - Area Community Education Trust (FACET ) announces recipients of its 2014 Teacher Mini - Grant Program. Grant award winners will be formally recognized at the November 18 , 2014 Fairport Board of Education meeting. Funding has been committed to the following projects:

  • Brooks Hill School: Gina Herendeen , Lead Teacher
    • Proposal: Clipboard Purchase for District 4 th Grade Field Trip to the Fairport Historical Museum  
  • Dudley School: Lorri Beth Willard and Tina Evans , 2nd Grade Teachers
    • Proposal: Think and Link: Learning with Legos
  • Jefferson Avenue School: Emily Brown , Reading Support Specialist
    • Proposal: Sight Word Kits
  • Jefferson Avenue School: Nicole Allen, Reading Support Specialist
    • Proposal: Fun and Motivational Work Spaces
  • Northside School: Jennifer Bradley , Music Education
    • Proposal: Orff Instrumentation for the Music Classroom
  • Martha Brown Middle School: Theresa Elie, Strategic Learning Specialist and Doreen Massie, Psychologist
    • Proposal: Peer Mentor Program
  • Fairport High School: Elissa DeChick, Art Teacher
    • Proposal: Spo onflower Textile Competition
  • Fairport High School: Eugene Gordon and Donna Himmelberg , Science Instruction and HUNCH Club Advisors
    • Proposal: NASA Space Research/HUNCH Extreme Science Program Tool Acquisition
  • Fairport High School: Kelly Lang, Family & Consumer Science Education
    • Proposal: T - shirt Uniform s to Promote Professionalism
  • Fairport High School: Gayle Rachford , Social Studies Teacher
    • Proposal: Tibetan B udd h ist Sand Mandala Construction Series
  • Fairport High School: Mark White , Instructional Technology
    • Proposal: Dynamics of Collisions