Mission Statement

FACET’s mission is to galvanize community resources, both human and financial, to benefit Fairport K-12 students. We are committed to supporting and initiating programs that will positively impact the educational experience of students and will provide opportunities for all aspects of the community to actively engage in public education.


Public education foundations have been making a difference in communities around the country for close to thirty years. In Monroe County, half of the school districts have education foundations that strive to match resources to student needs, each tailoring their objectives appropriately. Fairport, with its renowned reputation for support of educational excellence, collaboration among community groups and supportive nature is the epitome of the community that foundations flourish in.

Other Foundations

Local Foundations

West Irondequoit: http://westirondequoitfoundation.org
Hilton: http://www.hiltoneducationfoundation.org

Regional Foundations

Ithaca Public Education Initiative: http://ipei.org
Skaneateles Education Foundation: http://www.skanedfoundation.org

National Foundations

Coronado, CA: http://csfkids.org
Lancaster, PA: http://lancasteredfnd.org
Monroe County Schools, CO: http://www.mccsfoundation.org