Messenger Post Artice Summer Enrichment Institute

Wed Aug 20th

FACET had an article featured in the Fairport-ER Post today! 

Thank you very much Fairport-ER Post! Below is a brief exerpt.

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From the Fairport-ER Post:

As part of the Fairport-Area Community Education Trust’s Summer Enrichment Program, students met with two community figures to gain a better understanding of American culture in the 1960s.

Having studied the Vietnam War, students conducted an interview with former Fairport police officer and Vietnam veteran James Sherner. Sherner, stationed in Tuy Hoa, Vietnam from 1967 to 1968, shared personal experiences and photographs with students. They learned why some made the decision to enlist rather than wait to be drafted and understood that it was largely a “working-class war.” Sherner also described the difficulties of fighting an enemy that employed guerilla tactics and spoke of both the hardship of losing a family member to the war and the challenges veterans still face today.

“I really liked hearing the firsthand experiences and imagining what that felt like,” said Jake Jefferson, one of the students.

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