What is FACET's (Fairport-Area Community Education Trust) purpose?

  • FACET is a non-profit, independent education foundation established in 2012 to benefit students and faculty of the Fairport Central School District (FCSD), Fairport, NY. The foundation’s intention is to solicit, manage and distribute funds for programs not otherwise funded by FCSD. This supplemental funding will neither replace nor alter the district’s use of tax-based revenue. Additionally, FACET will actively engage the human capital within our greater community through collaboration with businesses, residents, and current students.

What is FACET’s mission?

  • FACET's mission is to support and initiate programs and projects that will positively impact the educational experience of district students, and to provide opportunities for all aspects of the Fairport Community to actively contribute to public education.

What are FACET’s goals?

  • To provide supplemental financial resources for initiatives that align with FCSD objectives

  • To strengthen the school-community connection by providing opportunities for all aspects of our community to have increased engagement with our school programs

  • To engage and foster connections among FCSD Alumni, businesses, residents, and staff to develop a consistent and accessible network of support

Why is an education foundation needed?

  • In the current fiscal climate, there is growing gap between public funds provision and what our school system needs to provide opportunities for a well-rounded, top quality education for all. Public schools have the responsibility to educate, not fundraise. FACET provides our community a non-profit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to raising funds and cultivating volunteers on a district-wide basis. Foundations also provide an avenue for those wishing to support education on a consistent basis, either financially or through volunteer commitments.

Are there other education foundations?

  • Over 4,000 public education foundations exist nationally, many, especially in the South and West, established over twenty years ago. Locally, half of Monroe County school districts have active foundations. Each foundation strives to meet the needs of their populace and many creative, collaborative programs have become valued traditions in these towns. Regionally, IPEI (Ithaca Public Education Initiative) and the Skaneateles Education Foundation are standout examples of community collaboration for their students.

How can I best contribute?

  • Currently the most beneficial contribution is financial. All current donations will go into our General Fund as non-restricted gifts. The intent is to distribute funds to teachers, administrators, and staff via a grant process that will be developed with input from the greater community. Our volunteer resource efforts will focus on engaging the Fairport alumni base and the residents of our community in developing a Community Treasure Chest, matching school needs with community expertise.

If I give to the Foundation, can I deduct it on my income taxes?

Does the school district have any say in how the money gets spent?

  • No, The Governing Board of FACET will have final approval on all grants and funds expended. The Foundation will consult with an advisory board, comprised of Fairport teachers, administrators, a Board of Education member and PTSA representatives. They will not have voting privileges for distribution of funds.

How does the Foundation differ from the PTA?

  • Both organizations are complementary and dedicated to improving the learning experience of students in the Fairport Central School District, yet there are significant differences in how they achieve their goals and generate resources to accomplish their distinctive missions. FACET takes a broader approach to fundraising by soliciting support from all community residents, regardless of whether they have children currently attending school, as well as seeking support from the business community and private foundations. In addition, the Governing board is comprised of community members who may or may not have children attending the schools yet are passionate about the role education plays in the community and the world beyond. The programs that FACET will support through grants and initiatives span all grades and academic disciplines.